hi, friend!

I'm McKenna. A portrait and wedding photographer in the Houston area. I have loved photography for years, and truthfully I believe it's because it connects me to people. My favorite word is "intentional" ask any of my friends, they all laugh at me for it. I use it a little too much in my everyday vocabulary, but it's just because I love intentionality. My mission is to bring intentionality into my work, from day one. From the contact form all the way to the delivery of your images. I will be intentional in not only my work but also in getting to know you. You are the reason I am taking the photos so if I know you, how much more personal will the photos be?!

In my photography I love to use lines to frame my subjects, whether thats from buildings, trees, or natural landscape, I love intentionally framing my subjects (there's that word again lol). I also LOVE color. You can probably tell through my website. I use lines and colors to make my images stand out. 

Outside of my photography you can find me taking care of my puppy, Mr. Pickles, going on walks with friends & family, at church, writing, or at a coffee shop. These are a few of the things I do to fill my time. I hope to get to know you and hear your story. Reach out and let's get coffee sometime and chat about you and what you need help capturing!